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2.Installation Details

3.System Design

4.Review & Declaration

*To calculate your roof's square footage, measure and multiply the length times the width or your home (in feet) e.g. (20' x 35' = 700 square feet)
*Click and hold to move to slider or type into the field.
Note: 1. Click on the map to move the marker () to your general location. 2. Click 'Satellite' to change the view. 3. Zoom the map to your location by clicking the + button until you can see the property clearly. (To adjust the map, click and use the mouse or keyboard arrows to move.) 4. Click on your EXACT location to set the marker. The GPS Coordinates will automatically be entered in the GPS field below. (You cannot type into this field.)
Latitude, Longitude (DDMMSS)
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I , declare that the information in this registration is true and correct. I understand that should any of the information stated herein be found to be false in any material respect, any certificate issued to me under the Electric Light and Power Act, 2013 may be revoked.



Before You Start

1. You must enter a valid email address that you have access to in order to receive your certificate. 2. This registration process is provided for residential households only. 3. Note that you can only use this registration to request a maximum of 10kW of renewable energy for any one Barbados Light & Power account. To register for more please use the ELPA portal. 4. Please have the following documents and information on hand:
- Your relevant contact information (Name, Address, Phone Numbers etc...). - A Barbados Light & Power electricity bill with the location you are registering for. - Your Barbados national registration number and/or passport . - The size of your roof on which the system will be mounted (in square feet). - The size and type of renewable energy system that you wish to register for (e.g 5kW Solar).
5. Pre-approved single line drawings will be available for selection or you may upload your own in pdf, png or jpeg format. 6. You will be required to complete this registration in its entirety once you begin. It cannot be saved and completed later.

Instructions To The Householder.

1. This form has 4 steps (Personal Information, Installation Details, System Design & Review). Click NEXT to move forward and PREVIOUS to move backwards. 2. Required fields are indicated by a red asterisk.'*'. You will not be able to submit without filling these out. 3. Steps cannot be skipped. 4. Click the 'Register' button on the top right of this page to begin/continue your registration.